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Continuous Kneader

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Continuous Kneader


Continuous Kneader CHANGSUNG’S technical power realizes more than dreams! CHS-CN Series The Continuous Kneaders feature all the technical power of Changsung P&r. We are proud that they can only be designed and manufactured with the advanced technical power of Chnagsung P&R.


  1. Superior dispersibility
    Any additive can be dispersed at a performance expected by the user.
  2. Continuity of operation
    Different from the conventional batch-type dispersion kneaders subject to variation of performance by batch, the Continuous Kneaders of Changsung P&R guarantee uniform properties and superior dispersibility by continuous feeding – same as normal compounding process.
  3. High quality products
  4. Energy saving
    The heater is used at the initial stage only, and substituted by the self-generated heat throughout the operation to save power.





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Continuous Kneader